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LDCE is taking part in this competition since 2004. The best position for LDCE is as a finalist in the very same year. Our Team start preparing for the competition before 8 months to the final contest of ROBOCON India. Our team works for a better output and for a hyper-technological upcoming tomorrow. Team ROBOCON not only works for the competition but also arranges the funds need for the competition as well as different activities under the club 'Yantra'.



There are over 25 countries which participate in this robotics competition and India is one of them participating since 2002. At the first stage, the competition is held at national level in each of the countries who want to appear for the international robotic competition. Theme is given by the host country and each nation which is member of ABU ROBOCON organize a national level competition based on that particular theme to select the team from their nation to appear for the international competition.



The Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU ROBOCON) is an Asian Oceania College robot competition, that started in 2002 by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). This event is all about competition of artificial intelligence developed by the students in the form of different robots set out in the field to complete their task in a predefined time using suitable mutual coordination between them. The task decided is a theme based on the mythology of the host country.

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